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Highlights are a beautiful way to bring light to the face and focus to the style.  Waunanuba stylists consult with you to determine if you want thin or thick highlighted areas.  Once the overall look is discussed, we lightened those areas two shades lighter than the rest of your hair. We want your highlights to compliment your hair color whether we are working with light or dark hair. For example: If your hair is black, we may add dark brown or copper-y tones around your face to play up your skin and draw attention to your eyes. 



If you love the look of highlighting, but want a more subtle look, low lights are a great option.  Waunanuba stylists consult with you to determine if you want thin or thick lowlighted areas.  Once the overall look is discussed, we darken those areas by two shades.

Low lights can add depth to cuts and styles when added in conjunction with highlights.



Ombre is a gradual blending from one color to another.  Ombre can be subtle; moving from warm chestnut to rich auburn to fiery copper.  For the adventurous, ombre can also make a statement such as seen on “mermaid” hair.  For fashion colors, the same gradual blending occurs but we blend colors such as light blue, ocean blue and seafoam green. Our stylists are experts at providing any level of ombre to enhance your hairstyle and texture.



Fashion colors make a statement…soft and hot pinks, cool and bright blues, lime and seafoam greens, lavender and lilac purples, and even elegant, silvery grays.  Fashion colors can be semi-permanent or permanent.  The color process must be tightly controlled and is best done by a professional.  Fashion color services of any type do require a different type of maintenance and upkeep.  This is is discussed with our clients prior to the service to ensure the best overall result for the longest possible time. 


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